“Music That Makes Us Proud”.

The whole point of LowdenProud is to support musicians that we believe in and will be proud to have supported.  Primarily this will be what is often called “roots music” (whatever that is these days…).  Music with soul played by those who have something to say.  Hummable tunes are always great too!

LowdenProud is not a “traditional label”.  We are not a not-for-profit but it’s also not a profit driven company either.  We want to support artists who can build their own careers but need access to friendly, supportive capital.  We don’t provide the support systems that a “traditional” label would do like promotion and distribution.  So we need either mature artists or those with a good support system.

We can imagine there may one day be an exception, but our goal is to support Canadian musicians.  We’re very proud Canadians.  We love our roots scene.  The industry has changed though, and realistically our artists will all have to be be solid road warriors as most of sales these days come from off the stage.  This is not a label for developing artists.  It is a label where we are really proud of the artists (see above).  We’re also biased to singer/songwriters.  Covers are great and we love to dance to them, but we won’t be doing a cover band.